Equipment, Machines, Tools - Catalogue of the Companies in Bulgaria

Equipment, Machines, Tools - Catalogue of the Companies in Bulgaria
Specialized directory focused on manufactures, trade and service companies for industrial equipment and installations, machines, tools, mechanical parts, electrical installations and control systems.

The catalogue is valuable and helpful for decision makers, technologists and engineers from industrial, construction and infrastructure sectors. It is appreciated also by foreign companies, looking for contacts with Bulgarian manufacturers or vendors.

Free Targeted Distribution

  • Among those who make decision or influence purchasing of machines, tools, installations and services: process and mechanical engineers, managers in investment and purchasing departments, project managers, etc.
  • Among visitors and participants in technical events and fairs.

Multimedia appearance

  • Traditional hard-copy format, updated annually
  • On-line directory in Internet at regularly updated

Catalogue Information


A5 (145-215 mm)

advertising possibilities:

  • company overview
  • standard advertisements


  • Bulgarian
  • English


  • Alphabetical order
  • Type of product or service

* All companies, presented with company overview are listed in the indexes.

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