Equipment, Machines, Tools - Catalogue of the Companies in Bulgaria


Address: Gabrovo 5301,
157, Stoletov Blvd.
Phone: +359 66/ 814400, 814405
Fax: +359 66/ 801654
  • Dr. Claudia Schwamberger - Manager
  • Zhivko Zhivkov - Procurator
  • Stefan Petrov - Procurator

Scope of activity:

The largest producer in Bulgaria of:
  • Thread cutting tools
    - taps (hand taps, machine taps, machine taps short, machine nut taps, fluteless taps, taps for wire-thread inserts, combined taps);
    - dies (circular dies, hexagonal dies, adjustable dies).
  • Cutting tools
    - drills (step drills, tube and sheet drills, drill-milling cutters, spiral drills extra long, special drills for metal sheets, spiral drills for NC-machines);
    - center drills (type A, B, R);
    - sink-tools (countersinks, counterbores);
    - end mills (keyway mill cutters; end mills straight shank);
    - mill cutters (face milling cutters, shell and milling cutters, profile cutters, side and face milling cutters).
  • Gear cutters
    - involute gear cutters;
    - hob cutters;
    - gear shaped cutters.
  • Reamers
  • Special tools

GWG Ltd. is certified by ISO 9001.